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1、 Delivery resume online
    Interested candidates please click" apply", fill in a resume information, or send your resume directly to the company mail

2、Resume screening
    Received your resume, we will organize HR professionals to conduct a preliminary screening and evaluation.
Warm reminder, please keep your communications and mail flow

3、 Interview
    When you through the initial screening, we will contact you by mail, telephone or SMS to invite you to participate in the written test or interview ( 2 – 3 round ). At the appointed time, we will have a better understanding and communication. Warm reminder, please bring your original ID card, resume, English grade certificate, the computer grade certificate and other certificates and copy of them to participate the interview on time.

4、hiring notice
    If you pass the resume screening and interview, then congratulations to you! You will become a member of the Join Wealth! We will give you the offer notice in a week, please prepare your recruits information

5、Entry register
    At the time please hold your related documents to our HR department to handle registration procedures.
Warm reminder, please bring your original and one set of copies of Medical Examination Report, ID card, diploma certificate, and so on,when registering.

    If you haven’t received any kind of our company’s notification after sent your resume or had an interview after 30 days, it indicates that you were not successful of this application. We will keep your resume, and keep the content confidentiality. If there is appropriate position in the future, we will contact with you in the first time

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