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    Join Wealth Aquatic Product LTD., CO. testing center was established in 2006 February, by the mature and experienced detection and technical talent. Center’s laboratory design and strict management are in accordance with a high starting point and high requirements. It fully carry out the CNAS-CL01: 2006 ( DIT: ISO / IEC17025 ) quality management system, also be in strict accordance with the CNAS-CL01: 2006" accreditation criteria for the competence of testing and calibration laboratory ," people's Republic of China" ," people's Republic of China" and the detailed rules for the implementation of requirements and industry related quality laws and regulations operation

    Laboratory is 600 square meters, rational layout. It owned advanced equipment and monitoring tools, in addition to conventional testing, more than 10 kinds of antibiotics chloramphenicol and nitrofurans residues testing was also carried out.

    Rage of detective business: bear the main aquatic product physicochemical and microbial detection and additive detection, the center has 20 kinds of detection project.

    There are 15 professional and technical personnel staffs gained bachelors in the center. 6 senior technicists owned 5 years work experience,3 senior technicists owned more than 2 years work experience. 4 people with senior professional titles. The technicists carry out technical exchanges and training for a long-term with Zhanjiang CIO technology testing center, Zhanjiang Agriculture Bureau of technical test center ( through the ISO / IEC17025 certification ), Zhuhai CIO technology testing center and USA AB laboratories Shanghai branch. The center assumes the testing business, which is the drafting of the national aquatic feed sub-technical committee’s national standards; so that we can accurately grasp the international and domestic standards and detection method in the first time, provide reliable technical services to customers.

    The center’s quality policy: science fair, accurate and fast, customer’s satisfaction

    The center’s commitment : management scientific, fair behavior, Standard method, accurate data, enthusiasm service, efficient work

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