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  2211 electronic supervision

2211 electronic monitoring system

Zhanjiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau " 2211 electronic monitoring" center

" 2211 electronic monitoring center”

2211 double recognized certificate

    In the deploy of national inspection and Quarantine of the unified , Guangdong Zhanjiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau built and put into use the electronic quarantine, the goal is realize the 2211 electronic regulation mode, double recognized quality data monitor and video double monitoring"
    Zhanjiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau’s director Wu Chunjing, and related leadership remote viewing the qualified first instance results of our company’s a batch of frozen tilapia fillet inspection application. The original 6-9 days of aquatic products inspection and quarantine process, now only half a day can be completed
    In order to ensure that our company and the inspection and Quarantine Bureau of quality supervision system are closely linked, remote video monitoring and data mining according to each other, our company invested 1000000 yuan to build a video monitoring center and the remote broadcast system ( equipment used: optical fiber transmission of data, the international top brands security camera gun, Samsung, ASA, Shilin, network hard disk video recorder 8016HF Hikvision). Inspection and quarantine departments can clearly watch the enterprise production process and data acquisition of stability and customs release of nuclear Shanghai Group
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